Total - Sustainable development campaign


Sustainable development campaign

Every little bit counts with Total

Aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, Total Belgium is rallying to make a direct contribution to the fight against climate change. Attracted by the very specific compensation system offered by CO2logic* (CER certified), the oil company is henceforth offering Total customer-card-holders the possibility of donating their points to offset CO2.emissions. In this way, to counterbalance the emissions produced by their vehicle, customers can participate in the financing of projects in emerging countries reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale. For Concerto, a subject as complex and sensitive as this could not simply boil down to a few promotional slogans. It was therefore imperative that an ambitious campaign be conceived, backed by a clear, easily understandable, unambiguous and scientifically valid argument, in order to avoid any controversy in the media or among environmental associations.Concerto therefore set about drafting a solid and well-sustained explanatory text, in a tone that would be accessible to everyone. The agency rendered the concept of the “Every little bit counts” campaign in several communication tools specifically dedicated to the petrol stations: posters, pump toppers, detailed explanatory brochure, etc.* The Belgian company CO2logic invests in projects that have shown reductions in CO2.emissions to have been achieved in practice.