Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign


Internal Punctuality Campaign

12,500 people focused on punctuality

Punctuality is one of Infrabel’s three major priorities. In an effort to make even more improvements to its results, the company called on Concerto to help mobilise its 12,500 members of staff to further improve the punctuality of its trains.

Concerto chose to transmit the message in a quirky way by dressing up employees as superheroes. As for the slogan, it explained that you do not have to make a superhuman effort to become a “hero”.

Network: the staff take centre stage

To remain within the realms of reality and allow employees to identify with the campaign, members of staff were involved in making the posters. Volunteers were asked to play the role of superheroes. The photos were taken in different places of work during working hours. Proof of this initiative’s success is that the posters stayed up on the office walls well after the campaign had ended…

Network: the games on the intranet

A competition per team was launched on the intranet. The aim was to create a fun context in order to indirectly transmit the messages associated with punctuality. The participants had the chance to win a whole variety of prizes. The principle of team participation put into practice the importance of each person’s role as a link in the “punctuality chain”.

Infrastructure: the 4 skills

A series of posters particular to the skills involved in “Infrastructure” were produced. Once again, employees were used as models and their clothes adapted (electricity, catenaries, tracks, etc.), with the photographs taken at their place of work.

Win-win for everyone

The various elements of the campaign bore the same logo: a pictogram in the form of a clock, accompanied by the baseline “Punctuality, win-win for everyone”. This logo provided a link with the various other internal campaigns developed for the company: the “safety along the tracks”, “Renov’action” and “internal safety” campaigns.

Adapted games

Since “Infrastructure” employees do not have access to the internet at their place of work, the competition was developed using mini-brochures sent by internal mail.

Nice prizes to win

These brochures included a series of advice on “punctuality”. Everyone could find the answers to the competition questions within this advice.

Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Punctuality Campaign