Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign


Internal Safety Campaign

Making safety a priority

Infrabel approached us to develop an internal safety campaign. To create a campaign that all employees could take ownership of, we created the campaign signature “Safety is everyone’s business!” This visual signature also linked to a previous internal Punctuality campaign we developed for the company.

To give unity to the campaign, two characters, “Mr Jo” and “Miss Claudia” appear on a recurring basis on information brochures, sketches, etc.

Looking out for others

Four information brochures and posters cover four different subjects that Infrabel wanted to communicate to employees. In a friendly tone, the illustrated brochures addressed behaviours to be adopted and various words of advice and useful telephone numbers.

The first brochure, See and Be Seen highlights the importance of being aware of people on railway tracks and making sure that individuals are always visible.

Protecting oneself properly

Illustrations helped deliver messages in a less patronising tone, while remaining straightforward, effective, and to the point. It was a friendly way to convey a necessary and, in principle, “paternalistic” message.

Personal Protection Equipment is the second brochure in the series. It demonstrates the proper use of equipment, tools and clothing, according to specific type of work.

Preventing and putting out fires

The graphical treatment is simple and plays upon strong visual impact supported by direct, evocative slogans.

The third brochure, Don't Play with Fire, addresses fire prevention and what to do if one occurs, outlining three types of fire.

Ensuring wellbeing with ergonomics

In a similar style to the three other brochures, the fourth and final brochure, Ergonomics in the Workplace, focuses on how employees can maintain wellbeing and avoid injuries while at the office.

Making a strong visual impact

The subjects dealt with in the brochures are repeated on posters which carry the principal message, and refer to the more comprehensive information delivered in the brochures.

Videos make learning fun

A series of 40 humorous sketches, in videoclip form, convey messages developed in brochures and the security booklet.

Two key characters deliver advice, tips, and words of caution to spectators on various aspects of job safety.

Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign
Infrabel - Internal Safety Campaign