Infrabel - Railtime campaign


Railtime campaign

Keeping 700,000 Rail Users informed

“RailTime” is a concept that was created to help Infrabel keep rail users informed on the latest rail information. As well as managing rail traffic, informing the public is an important service that the organisation provides.

Under one name and one corporate identity, RailTime combines all tools aimed at informing rail users, including a website, print material and TV spots.

A new information tool

The website is the portal for rail user information and contains useful rail user information: timetables updated in real time, traffic conditions, delays and disruptions, train location, etc.

The homepage contains everything travellers need to book and manage their journey.

Real-time information

Always available with the latest information in real-time, rail users can check online to see if there are any disruptions to their journey as a result of traffic or construction.

The website is also accessible through mobile interfaces such as mobile phones, smartphones, etc.

Posters reinforce main message

Posters with the headline "RailTime: Information is always by your side" had a similar look and feel to the TV spots and reinforced the campaign's main message.

Press releases were also sent out to various media channels as part of the promotional campaign.


Finally, a mail-out was sent to various information relay groups, including mobility managers, the police, local authorities, companies and associations linked to mobility. It was extremely important to inform these various groups of the RailTime service as they are in contact with the general public.

Infrabel - Railtime campaign
Infrabel - Railtime campaign
Infrabel - Railtime campaign
Infrabel - Railtime campaign