Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign


B to C Safety Campaign

One foot in the grave

Every year, people are killed because they don't pay attention and cross Belgium’s railway lines! Faced with this reality, Infrabel entrusted us with the mission of raising awareness among the general public in order to try to reduce accidents linked to carelessness.

It was important that the message communicate two themes:

1. the risk of crossing the lines as a pedestrian;
2. the danger of not respecting signals at level crossings.

A 360° campaign was developed that encompasses an objective and sober approach.

Posters create visual impact

In order to support the TV spots, posters with a powerful title and visual image were designed, produced and distributed in railway stations to create awareness.

Covering the entire railway network

Displayed in all railway stations in the Publifer network throughout the country, posters aimed to reach out to travellers in places where danger likely exists during their journey.

More than 800,000 brochures

To convey the message in a less emotional way, more than 800,000 brochures were created to objectively explain the two subjects. They were distributed in all stations, stopping points and at the country’s 50 most commonly-used level crossings.

Helping to keep lorry drivers safe

Aimed specifically at lorry drivers, a special brochure was designed and translated into four languages (FR, NL, EN and DE). These brochures addressed the particular problems facing lorry drivers and were distributed in ports, where many accidents occur.

A 360° campaign

Involved in every stage of the campaign, we orchestrated a national press campaign (creating a press file), distributed an online campaign (via Youtube, Garage TV, Dailymotion, Zoomin, etc., as well as a bannering campaign), organised seeding and sent out a mail shot to local authorities and police stations (letters and posters).

A sign that makes sense

The campaign featured two logos, a LEVEL CROSSING and a CROSSING THE LINES LOGO.

Designed to appear as a traffic sign with a specific baseline, each logo appeared on all promotional material, providing a consistent message throughout the entire campaign.

Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign
Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign
Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign
Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign
Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign
Infrabel - BtoC Safety Campaign