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Atenor opens the debate!

Atenor publishes a magazine to complement its annual report and considers the major issues of urban development.

To emphasise even more the company’s message, “Let’s make sense of the city”, the agency suggested producing a magazine, adopting an innovative and audacious approach. The aim: to open the debate on the issues surrounding the development of today’s cities, such as density, sustainability, mobility or verticality.

Why Divercity?

Divercity, the name chosen for the magazine, tackles topics that go beyond the usual boundaries and does not hesitate to report on projects being undertaken by competitors, talking to people from widely differing backgrounds (sociologists, architects, town lanners, etc.) with sometimes conflicting opinions. In this way, Atenor demonstrates that above and beyond its role as a property developer, it serves as a real expert, with a vision and a comprehensive knowledge of the urban problem.

Atenor - Corporate magazine