Atenor - Divercity #2


Divercity #2

We give meaning to the city

For the sixth year in a row, Concerto has drafted, edited, formatted and printed the annual report of the real estate development company ATENOR.

To further consolidate the company’s “We give meaning to the city” message, the agency has proposed to continue with its initiative started last year with the issue of a second edition of the magazine to accompany the annual report.

Testimonials from all areas

Divercity opens the debate by giving the floor to all the various players involved (sociologists, architects, planners, etc.), who sometimes have differing opinions.

An expert’s view

Atenor thus demonstrates, that beyond its status of real estate developer, it is also a real expert, with a highly complete knowledge of and great openness towards urban issues.

Starting objective

To start the debate on the issues behind the development of cities, such as density, sustainability, mobility and verticality.

Atenor - Divercity #2
Atenor - Divercity #2
Atenor - Divercity #2