Annual Report 2012


Annual Report 2011

Priority given to sustainable development

ELECTRABEL has entrusted Concerto with the task of designing, creating and producing its annual report (fiscal year 2011) for the second consecutive year. On this occasion, the energy company opted for a sustainable approached in terns both of form and content. As in the previous year, the report emphasises the sustainable dimension of the group’s (GRI) activity.

A greener annual report

Drafted in collaboration with Concerto, the contents of the report (master copy in Dutch) is structured around the three economic, environmental and social pillars of sustainable development. The report reviews all of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) criteria, taking care to avoid oversimplification. With environmental concerns being paramount, the number of pages was  considerably reduced by using denser text and reference to a minisite

Inspired minisite

In keeping with its “paperless” strategy, ELECTRABEL also entrusted Concerto with the task of producing the interactive version (minisite) of the 2011 annual report. Adapted in accordance with the new requirements of the genre, this digital version provides a synoptic overview of ELECTABEL activity. It also makes good use of videos, zooms, multicriteria research and associated links.

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