GDF SUEZ - Business report


Overview Report 2010

A year of installation and services

The Energy Services Branch of the GDF Suez Group has called on Concerto to draw up the Belux entity’s first business report. The main challenge was to illustrate in coherent fashion the activities and actions of the 3 main companies in sustainable development. The cover picture was shot to represent all 3 companies.

Rigorous information and human dimensions

Multi-technical service provider in Belgium, Luxembourg and internationally, BU Belux has undertaken to clarify its corporate image by means of its annual report 2010. To portray the quality service concept promoted by the company in its human dimension, Concerto allied the rigour of the financial data with an original corporate section of a more conceptual nature.

Schematising Multi-Technical services

How to schematise the Belux Business Unit. This was one of the challenges laid down to Concerto.

GDF SUEZ - Business report
GDF SUEZ - Business report