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The doors open at the Alliance

Jointly led by AG Real Estate and AXA Belgium, the Alliance is a vast residential project that stretches out on a widespread landscaped 20-acre park south of Braine-l’Alleud. Concerto developed (concept, copy, design and production) a series of correlative tools backing the launching sales communication.

Sales brochure

From the onset, the teasing effect of the brochure sets the tone. Doors literally open to the discovery and the ambiance of the project set under the sun of the “brainois” countryside. The Alliance: a new way to greener living. From large, heartfelt yet realistic images to clear schematics, together with the added value and title hooks, all has been thought through to best bring out the housing’s sheer value.

In each and every box!

Concerto proposed to include in the communication plan a triptych that would be distributed to all Braine-l’Alleud residents. As a second stage, the triptych would be distributed to further well-targeted communes and population segments. A map brings out the assets of the project such as its location, the park and countryside surrounding the apartments.

The website attractively presents the values of the overall project. An interactive and informative map brings out the assets of the neighborhood. A clear table presents the housing units and is updated according to sales. It allows a personalized search and sorting. A little gizmo: when the visitor lands on the website via another sales website, the contact page only displays logo and contact info from that sales outfit.

You are here!

A map has been minutely detailed to promote the project right from the highway’s exit 24. Overall, 8 billboards have been installed around the Alliance park area.

From various locations, directional arrows lead to the Alliance construction site as well as a sales cabin where one can enquire for more information.

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