Concerto - B2C Campaign
Concerto - B2C Campaign
Concerto - B2C Campaign
B2C CampaignFamous jam

Materne, the famous belgian jam brand, wanted to come back to a wide b2c campaign on bus shelter, a media they had used for years.

Concerto had the opportunity to develop the new campaign for Nextage agency.

B2C CampaignCreating a story

The intention was to show 3 different products, 3 different consumer profiles and 3 different ways to consume the product.

The led to the idea of a kind of family saga.

B2C CampaignA 5 stars product

Up to now, Materne was focusing on the product, its qualities and packaging. We managed to introduce the consumer in the image, highlighting the tasting moment of a pleasure-product. This resulted in colorful and lively visuals, but where the jam jar is still the star.