Concerto - Corporate identity
Concerto - Corporate identity
Concerto - Corporate identity
Concerto - Corporate identity
Concerto - Corporate identity
Corporate identityNew identity for Dexia Asset Management

Concerto is designing the new graphic identity for the publications of Dexia Group’s Asset Management branch.

Corporate identityA strong cooperation

As the consultancy firm to DEXIA ASSET MANAGEMENT for a number of years, Concerto has developed a new graphic identity for the various groups of publications (corporate, product brochures, in-house magazines, etc.) as well as a charter laying down the graphic and editorial principles.

Corporate identityLooking Ahead

Within the framework of this new charter, Concerto, more specifically, created the graphic design of 2 magazines, one for internal issue, the other aimed at investors.

This design was then used by the creative teams of Dexia Asset Management throughout their publication.

Corporate identityProduct brochures

The change in identity was the result of a big photographic selection job to illustrate the abstract, logical and rigorous aspect of asset management.

Each brochure produced is easy to recognise with its single colour and the image in the foreground.

Corporate identityOrganic

The visuals chosen were carefully selected alongside Dexia Asset Management’s communication team. Here, the transparency of the sheets evokes the organisation’s organic structure as far as Alternative Management is concerned.