It is essential that we know our clients and their world. This means understanding their business, both in terms of its technical and commercial aspects. Becoming acquainted with all of their stakeholders: clients, suppliers, political alliances... And of course having a deep understanding of their history, values, strategy and business objectives.


We never rush headlong into anything; we always think before we act. Even if it means questioning a few briefings and shaking up some paradigms, we always choose to head upstream to the real source of the problems, needs and goals. Taking the necessary step back to get the full perspective, asking the right questions, and being wary of preconceived ideas keeps us on our toes.


Good thinking does not seek primarily to seduce. It must first be fair, relevant, and effective. We attach great importance to providing practical advice based on sound analysis: no clichés just to show off or dumbed-down rhetoric. Our recommendations should really help our clients achieve their goals.